• Room Spray Eco Rose 100ml

    Room Spray Eco Rose 100ml

    Exotic rose begins with a top note of spicy hyacinth, blended with the star of this fragrance the peony and pink rose floral heart note. At the base, woody notes of clove and honey which brings the fragrance to a close.
  • Room Spray Forest Fern 100ml

    Room Spray Forest Fern 100ml

    Forest Fern enters with a spicy cinnamon and citrus top note, blended with a soothing heart note of balsamic. At the base, strong and warm woody notes of sandalwood and cedarwood which brings this fragrance to a close.
  • Room Spray Fynbos 100ml

    Room Spray Fynbos 100ml

    Inspired by dappled sunlight on a white flowering garden, this aromatic fragrance will fill your room & capture your senses Cape Fynbos enters with a Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus top note, middle notes of Marjoram and calming Melissa herbs,...
  • Room spray grapefruit 100ml

    Room spray grapefruit 100ml

    Sugared Grapefruit opens with a zesty top note of orange and grapefruit, blended with a sweet floral heart note of rose. At the base, a balsamic note of vanilla which brings the fragrance to a compelling close.
  • Room Spray Green Fig 50ml

    Room Spray Green Fig 50ml

    Indulge in a sophisticated and elegant fragrance with Room Spray Green Fig 50ml. Our 100ml bottle comes with frosted glass and a chromed lid, perfect for any room in your home. Designed to instantly refresh your space with a quick spray, our irresistible...
  • Room Spray Jasmine 100ml

    Room Spray Jasmine 100ml

    Jasmine enters with a light orange flower and green leaf top note, blended with the sensual heart note of Jasmin. At the base, sweet woody notes of lily of valley brings the fragrance to a seductive close.
  • Room Spray Lemongrass 50ml

    Room Spray Lemongrass 50ml

    Introducing our Room Spray Lemongrass 50ml, a sophisticated and elegant addition to your home decor. Our 100ml bottle is crafted from frosted glass with a chromed lid, designed to refresh your room with a quick spray. Our lemongrass scent is one of many...
  • Room Spray Spicy Bushwilllow 50ml

    Room Spray Spicy Bushwilllow 50ml

    Spicy Bushwillow opens with a vanilla, tonka bean and vetiver top note, then blends into cardamom, pepper and amber middle notes, rounded off with the spicy oud wood, brazilian rosewood and sandalwood.
  • Room Spray Vanilla 100ml

    Room Spray Vanilla 100ml

    Vanilla Coconut opens with an exotic creamy coconut and sweet vanilla top note, blended with fruity heart notes of mango and orange. The fragrance is rounded off with an earthy base note of musk.
  • Room Spray Wild Citrus 50ml

    Room Spray Wild Citrus 50ml

    Wild Citrus opens with a fresh citrus top note of lemon, blended with the heart note of pulp tea. Rounding off the fragrance with earthy base notes of musk and ambergris.